I'm Maddi

Since I could remember I have always had a camera in my hand; I didn't grow up thinking I wanted to be a photographer- it was just something I already did and loved-it's a part of who I am so it always came naturally.


Growing up surrounded by artists, philosophers, and musicians, I was always inspired by new genre's, quotes and paintings. I live for my work-I'm constantly inspired.


When I shoot I like control of the entire vision. From hair to makeup to wardrobe- a photograph isn't just a photograph- to me, its a piece of art and has to be cared for meticulously.


I have been shooting professionally for almost 10 years and travel from Austin to Los Angeles to New York City for my work. I am published in South Western, Diesel & Pinup magazine and have shot for events such as SXSW.


I love what I do and am always so excited to work with new, inspiring clients!


Thanks for stopping by!