"Five days ago, we were overjoyed to welcome our second child, Tyne Everlee into the world, My family as well as my husband, are avid hunters. I had some very special items that I wanted incorporated in to Tyne's newborn photos, and I knew Maddipaparazzi Photography was the perfect fit for the task! For starters, I had many white tail and axis deer horns, from my father Brad Arnold, as well as my husband Garrett. These trophies were all taken at my parents ranch, The Arnold Ranch in Goliad, Texas. Maddi carefully and meticulously placed them for the best shots, while helping to soothe Tyne. It was a wonderful thing to watch! I was amazed at her focus and drive to get the best shots!

Secondly, my father Brad Arnold graciously allowed me to use his fathers, Leon Joseph Arnold's vintage wool hunting coat and hat. My grandfather hunted all over the Rocky Mountains for elk and bears in 1940's and early 1950's. Tragically, he was killed in a duck hunting accident in November 1955. My father has many photographs of him wearing these pieces, and I was grateful that Maddi found them so interesting to use. She did not hesitate in making sure that they were honored the way they should be! These photos will mean the world to my family, and Maddi made that possible.

While in the hospital, my son Fielder who is four, told my parents he wanted to get me something special. He had his heart set on getting me a "princess ring". My son has a kind and gentle demeanor, and my parents didn't hesitate to go find one for him to give to me. Maddi suggested we use the ring as well in some shots, and I was over the moon! What a great way for a new mother to enjoy all of life's sweet moments. Maddi's attention to these details made this day even more special for me!

Every minute of the photo session was precious to me! She made sure the environment remained peaceful and tranquil so not only I could enjoy the moment, but Tyne could relax as well! I will be forever grateful for this experience, and I encourage anybody looking for ANY type of photographer services to use MADDIPAPARAZZI!! She is truly a visionary who puts her clients, and all their unique needs first!"

-Jenny Reddehase

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