Beautiful Bangladesh

They met in summer of 2014. With Mishel being from Bangladesh and Hannah from America, neither were sure that the relationship would survive the obstacles that were sure to come. Arranged marriage is still extremely prominent in Bangladesh and as the prodigal son of his family, Mishel was expected to marry a traditional Muslim, Bangladeshi girl from a good family.

“We weren’t sure his family would accept his decision to marry outside of traditional Bangladeshi culture,” Hannah says, “But they did.”

It wasn’t easy though. Mishel travelled from Austin to Bangladesh to approach his parents in person about their relationship. “My Mother was happy that she did not have to hear more proposals for marriage from other families.”

There is still much resistance among extended family and friends concerning the relationship and marriage, but thankfully, Mishel’s parents and sister have welcomed Hannah with open arms.

It is their hope that their marriage can help evolve Bangladeshi culture and that non-traditional marriage will be more widely accepted.

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