What you should

and shouldn't do

1. Do not worry about weight- I edit everyone to look their best! If you feel too thin- I will give you extra curves- to thick I will slim you down :)


2. Bring as many options as you can wardrobe-wise.  The more optios the better- and if you need help with wardrobe feel free to check out my wardrobe helper on my page!


3. I only allow the clients at the photo shoot. I do not work well with many people around nor do woemn pose well while others are watching. Just bring yourself an you're golden.


4. Make sure your nails are painted, legs are shaved and any other grooming neccesities that any bomb shell would do it completes prior to shoot.


5. No kids. Unless they are scheduled for a shoot- I can only do so much. I am a photographer/makeup artist- not a babysitter.


6. Do notask me if you can view the photographs on my camera- those are raw unedited images- until I work mymagic- no one will see them.


7. All images are subject for advertisement unless maximum nudity is involved- which very rarely happens.


8. Nothing  do is "over edited" you have chosen me to do your photographs- knowing how my work looks- you should be aware of my style.


9. I do not print. I do not put anything on disks/Cd's/DVDs/Flashdrives. I email the photographs directly to you.


10. Listen, be confident, do your thing & you will be sure to have an awesome expierience. For any questions please feel free to call me : (512) 876-6166